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Water Pumps
Smog Pumps

  • 1, Internal mechanical seal.
  • 1, bearing integral shaft type or 2, single row type bearings.
  • 1, or 2, bushings if applicable.
  • labor for dis-assembly, washing, sand blasting, re-assembly only and for 1 pump only.
  • Rust proofing paint.

  • casting-housing
  • , fan drive hub,
  • water circulating impeller,
  • pulley
  • back plate,
  • shaft for a single roll bearing type with wire and sleeve or bushing type shaft
  • pipes, plugs, studs, screws- plate fasteners,
  • oil seals
  • Gaskets, mounting and backing plate,
  • o,rings
  • and so on ,but not limited to any.

All of the parts listed above will be at a extra cost.

  • Drilling out broken bolts, studs, pipes, and plugs.
  • Repair of any type
  • Removal of pulley
  • Removal of backing plate and bolts
  • replacement parts removal labor varies
  • Will call pickup 1-5 pc =$5.00 6-10pc=$10.00 on up
  • will call pickup pump inspection fee =$ varies
  • Core shopping, sorting through and inspection and processing labor= $ 60.00 hour
  •   UPS or postal packing and processing fee and labor= $ varies
  • and so on ,but not limited to any

All of the labor or services listed above will be at a extra cost.

  • #1 standard R&R=Parts Plus Labor service.

Unless otherwise requested by customer for upgraded rebuilding service, if available for that part, to #2, or #3. See below.